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What Could You Accomplish

If your Computer Ran 100x Faster?


We're all about ultra-fast computers,

giving forward-thinking companies the Edge to solve  major business problems





Today’s data solutions can’t meet your IoT, Streaming, AI, Security, or Big Data needs.

EdgeWare Computing™ can. We put HPC solutions where you need them – 

on the edge, on prem, in the cloud, onboard devices.

Mobile-edge 5G computing  •  Secure information edge  •  Flight-data analytics  •  Image rendering  •  IoT data networks

 Streaming content  •  Transaction tokenization  •  Oil and gas visualization  •  Financial fraud protection  •  Autonomous vehicle piloting


Both of our partners transform the capability set of Cray supercomputers for the enterprise, bringing next-generation data solutions to companies today


Reconfigurable FPGA-only platform

No operating system

No instructional processor

Apps run as hardware

25x–1000x faster than current CPUs


Transforms commodity servers into supercomputers

Plug-and play

No code changes

Fast, easy configuration

Patented systems and storage improvements

Proven independent benchmarks

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